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Does Reverse Osmosis Kill Minerals?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for a water treatment product using the reverse osmosis technology to distinguish between harmful substances and beneficial minerals. Our goal with reverse osmosis is to remove all harmful substances from the water and in the process, useful minerals disappear, too. The principal purpose here is to purge the water we drink of minerals that are harmful to human health. And also we almost get all minerals we need from our diet. One must drink 10 glasses of milk, a bottle of soda or a tub of water at the same time to cover their daily mineral needs solely from liquids.

As in A. O. Smith’s water treatment products, a water treatment product with a well-designed reverse osmosis system effectively removes all harmful bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, agricultural and pesticide residues and all other harmful substances that can be present in drinking water. You can get cleaner water as long as you renew your filters as prescribed by the manufacturer.

What Documents and Certificates Do A. O. SMITH Devices Have?

With 145 years of experience in water treatment technologies, A. O. Smith is the world’s leading provider of high quality water services, offering high quality water treatment, water storage andwater heating products.

We have been present in the Turkish market for the past seven years, offering customers high-tech water treatment products to get healthier water to their houses. We know that each person or household might need a different water treatment solution. You can visit our website to see our full range of water treatment products that cater to a variety of requirements.  

Below you will find details of international certificates our water treatment products have along with the documents approved by Turkish authorities:  

Technically speaking, all A.O. Smith water treatment products have a CE certificate confirming that they comply with the technical legislation of the European Union (EU) and a CE Test Report showing that the necessary tests for this certificate have been carried out. It should be noted, though, that the CE certificate is not a brand or quality certificate. The CE label is the proof that the product fulfills all criteria required by the European Union directives. Products covered by the CE certificate in the European Union cannot be placed on the market without this label.

Besides the CE certificate, our A.O. Smith Daisy-Daisy Plus, A.O. Smith Daphne-Daphne Plus, A.O. Smith Lily, Waterclinic by A.O. Smith Lotus 75 TC and Waterclinic by A.O. Smith Lotus 75 M devices have a “WQA Member” certificate which shows that the A.O. Smith factory is an approved manufacturer registered with the Water Quality Association. 

Our A.O. Smith Daisy device has four remarkable certificates which consumers will especially find important and reassuring:

Boasting a Drinking Water Test Report attesting that the content of the treated water coming out of the device is similar to the content of drinking water and the treated water is a high quality water comparable to spring water, Daisy also has the NSF 51 certificate showing that all filters and filter container plastics built into the device are “Food Compliant” as well as the NSF 61 certificate, showing that the same parts are “Drinking Water Compliant”. A.O. Smith Daisy also has the LFGB Test Report showing that the cell material of the storage tank does not contain any toxic substances harmful to human health in accordance with the specifications set forth in the German LFGB regulations. 

Other detailed technical certificates awarded to the water treatment products A. O. Smith Daisy-Daisy Plus, A. O. Smith Daphne-Daphne Plus include the Pump CE certificate showing that the equipment pump complies with EU technical legislation, and the Pump CE Test Report required to obtain this certificate. Also, the device has the CE Certificate for Power Supplies indicating that the power supply of the device complies with the EU’s technical regulations as well as the CE Test Report for Power Supplies required to obtain this certificate. 

A. O. Smith Daisy Plus, A. O. Smith Daphne-Daphne Plus, A.O. Smith Lotus 75 TC and A.O. Smith Lotus 75 M have the NSF 51 certificate which indicates food compliance and the NSF 61, which indicates drinking water compliance, as well as the LFGB Test Report, which proves that the storage tank of these products does not contain any toxic substances. 

A.O. Smith Lily has a WQA Member Certificate, CE Certificate, CE Test Report, LFGB Test Report and a Drinking Water Test Report approved by Istanbul Technical University. Besides the Daisy and Lily models, the Lotus 75 TC model also has the Drinking Water Test Report proving that A.O. Smith provides healthier drinking water similar to natural spring water. 

A.O. Smith Frezya 300S - A.O. Smith Frezya 300TU products have a CE Test Report and a Drinking Water Test Report as well as the CE Certificate, which indicates compliance with the above mentioned EU legislation. Both products have a Certificate of Competency For After Sales Services approved by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, enabling the provision of services for A.O. Smith branded water dispensers. 

A.O. Smith Daisy, A.O. Smith Daisy Plus, A.O. Smith Daphne – Daphne Plus, A.O. Smith Lily, A.O. Smith Lotus 75 TC and A.O. Smith Lotus 75 M models have been awarded a Service Adequacy Certificate by the Turkish Standards Institute which is valid in Turkey. (Besides, the models A.O. Smith Daisy, Lily, Lotus 75 TC and Lotus 75 M have the GOST-R Certificate showing that they fulfill the quality criteria for the Russian market.) 

A.O. Smith water treatment products also have a Halal certificate, which is awarded to products manufactured in accordance with Islamic regulations in terms of content, raw material, and production process.


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