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The 14 Advantages of Having a Water treatment product

You probably have friends who prefer to use water treatment products instead of drinking bottled water at home or at the office. Or perhaps you have come across A.O. Smith’s digital advertisements for water treatment products or walked into one of its stands during a fair. Read this article if you still have doubts about buying a water treatment product despite everything you have heard and seen. We have compiled a whole list of advantages offered by A.O. Smith water treatment products that offer efficient use of the water coming out of your tap!

1. They do not burn a hole in your pocket; they offer much more value for money than bottled water. 

2. They add a distinct flavor to your morning brew, tea, or dishes.

3. They are reliable; the superior filtration technology removes 99.9% of the heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances that can present in your tap water.

4. The treated water can be consumed by all your family members with your mind at ease. All A.O. Smith devices have national and international certificates such as the CE Certificate, the WQA Member Certificate, the Drinking Water Test Report awarded by Istanbul Technical University, the Ministry of Health reports and the TSI certificate.

5. They are economical; advanced membrane technology provides water flow that is 56% more efficient and the membrane life lasts longer than its competitors; it has a durable treatment and water filter.

6. They are convenient; enjoy the privilege of drinking water straight from the tap, and enjoy a wide usage areafrom preparing fruit juices to making ice cubes, and from boiling spaghetti to preparing baby food.

7. They use advanced technology; water treatment products stand on the cutting edge of technology.

8. They are efficient; they continue to pump water depending on their storage capacity as a stop gap measure during water cuts.

9. They are smart and effortless; the devices have digital indicators alerting the user as to upcoming annual maintenance work, without you needing to worry about it.

10. They prevent the formation of limescale; protect small household appliances which use water, such as water heaters and irons.

11. With the compact design, they treat your water without taking up too much space in your kitchen.

12. They are environmentally friendly. When you buy a water treatment product, you are essentially doing a good thing for the nature by reducing the use of plastic bottles, also you can set an example for others by filling your flask with water from your water treatment product and carrying it around!

13. You do not just buy a water treatment product; you also buy the assurance offered by A.O. Smith’s 145-year history.

14. Our widespread sales network means we definitely have a sales point near you, and our customer service department is always on hand to provide after-sales support.

This means you have so many reasons for getting a water treatment product to use at your house or at the office as water is so indispensable for our lives!

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