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Cancellation and Refund Conditions

Cancellation and Return Terms

Under Law No. 6052 on the Consumer Protection, as per Distant Agreements, the Consumer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement without any justification and without assuming any penal liability, within a period of fourteen days following the receipt of the goods purchased via the internet. Replacements and failures to arise due to regular use of the product shall not be considered impairment. 

The right of withdrawal period shall commence on the agreement execution date for service performance agreements, or on the date of delivery of the product to the consumer or a third party named by the consumer for goods delivery agreements. However, the consumer can also exert the right of withdrawal within the period from the execution of the agreement to the delivery of the product. The consumer should provide written notice of their intent to return the product, to AO Smith, explicitly specifying the product they had purchased, within 14 days. 

The consumer shall be required to return the product to the firm which made the sales, within 10 (ten) days following the right of withdrawal notice. The products to be returned should be delivered along with their original invoice, box, packaging, and standard accessories if any.

In cases where the product covered by the right of withdrawal involves any factor that leads to its impairment or that precludes its return, and if such impairment or preclusion is caused by a fault on the part of the consumer, the consumer shall be required to cover the impairment or the value of the product, as applicable. 

Cases Excluded from the Right of Withdrawal

a. Agreements regarding the goods produced in line with the requests or personal requirements of the consumer.
b. Agreements regarding the delivery of perishable products or products which have a very limited expiration date.
c. Agreements regarding the delivery of the products (including the filters covered by the agreement) that cannot be returned on the grounds of health and hygiene, in the case of products where the protective elements such as the packaging, tape, seal and box have been broken upon their receipt.
d. Agreements regarding the products which are mixed with other products and thus cannot be sorted out, once delivered.
e. Agreements regarding physical books, digital contents, and computer consumables, in the case of products where the protective elements such as the packaging, tape, seal and box have been broken upon their receipt.
f. Recreational agreements executed for the provision of accommodation, goods transfer, car renting, food and beverage supply, entertainment or vacation ervices, which have to be performed at or during a specific time frame.
g. Agreements regarding the services provided on a real-time basis online, or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer.
h. Agreements regarding the services whose performance had commenced with the approval of the consumer, prior to the expiration of the period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal.